Processing large girth gear, what material wear resistance is high?
2019-06-29 | Editor:
The large girth gear is one of the more commonly used parts in large mechanical equipment. Its function is to transmit and change the direction of the force through the large girth gear. The large girth gear is a thin-walled ring casting, which is prone to problems such as uneven wall thickness, folding, ellipse, etc. during the casting process. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the quality of the casting by controlling the details of the casting process during the machining process.
Due to manufacturing capabilities, transportation and installation requirements, the large girth gear is composed of two half gears that are joined together by counter screws and tangentially fixed to the kiln body by spring plates. To complete the installation and alignment of the large girth gear with high quality, it is necessary to develop a scientific and feasible construction plan whether it is newly installed or reset after overhaul. On the casting large girth gear, CHAENG uses high-quality ZG45, ZG42CrMO and other cast steel materials, and uses a unique heat treatment technology in the casting, which optimizes the girth gear structure and improves the hardness.The wear resistance and impact resistance of the product are greatly enhanced.
The large girth gear is one of the key components in the rotary kiln transmission. The installation quality directly affects the stability of the rotary kiln drive system, the stability of the rotary kiln operation, the service life of the kiln lining and the rotary kiln operation rate. Therefore, CHAENG uses high-strength steel for girth gear casting during processing, and optimizes the transmission characteristics of the rotary kiln to ensure the stability of the components under long-term operation and prolong the service life of the components.
In the large girth gear casting process, the temperature, speed, material characteristics and other details are fully taken into consideration, so that each large girth gear can be efficiently and durablely matched with the equipment to meet the needs of users.
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