What is the price of the rocker arm?
2019-06-27 | Editor:
The rocker arm is a widely used component equipment in the loading and unloading equipment. It is often used in the vertical mill equipment. In the vertical mill, it is a key equipment for crushing, and it is also widely used. It can be used in non-ferrous metals, refractory materials and building materials, glass ceramics, and is capable of performing various grinding operations on various wet and dry streams.
The vertical mill rocker arm produced by CHAENG is also one of the more important parts in the vertical mill grinding equipment, and each set of rocker arm also includes the upper rocker arm and the lower rocker arm, the central shaft , the bearing chock. And bearings, etc., which transfer the pressure of the hydraulic cylinder to the grinding roller, and then convert it into a grinding force on the bed.
The large-scale steel castings processed by CHAENG have their own processing advantages, and the processed vertical mill rocker arm uses secondary flaw detection to ensure the quality of the products. Arc gouging and dig processing are also used to improve the appearance and comfort. It is a high-quality alloy steel with optimized chemical matching of ZG270-500 and ZG30SiMnMo to ensure the wear resistance of the rocker arm and has a strong fracture-resisting effect. At the time of leaving the factory, the company has professional inspection personnel to perform several flaw detection tests on the force surface of the rocker arm to reject the defective products.
Therefore, when using the rocker arm, it needs to be regularly maintained and maintained to extend its service life. If you want to know the price of the rocker arm, please contact us.
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