The reason for the serious wear of the vertical mill rollers
2022-11-11 | Editor:
VRM grinding rollers
The grinding roller is the part used to grind the material in the vertical roller mill. It is subjected to huge pressure and vibration during operation, and the operating environment is a high-temperature environment of about 200 °C, so it is easy to wear. In addition, there are some other reasons, which will increase the wear degree of the grinding roller.
Poor bearing quality
After the start of grinding, the vibration of the bearing with poor quality is obviously too large, and the feeding amount is low, which can easily lead to bearing damage.
Insufficient amount of lubricating oil for grinding rollers
An insufficient amount of lubricating oil will cause serious friction between the grinding roller and the bearing, generating a lot of heat, which cannot be dissipated in time, and the poor lubrication effect will affect the operation of the machine and reduce its service life.
Poor quality of lubricating oil
The quality of the lubricating oil is poor and the lubricating effect is not good so a good oil film cannot be formed between the bearing and the slideway.
Uneven distribution of incoming materials
Daily observation and recording of the materials show that when there are several layers of materials, the work of the grinding rollers will increase, the corresponding wear will be more serious, and the materials will accumulate. After the material enters the vertical roller mill, it is easy to deviate from the center of the grinding table, which causes the long-term high-load operation of the grinding roller bearing and damages the bearing.
Generally, a vertical roller mill is equipped with 3-6 grinding rollers, each of which is mounted on the same shaft and rotates at different speeds to achieve a good grinding effect. In order to ensure the efficient operation of the mill, the operator must regularly check the wear degree of the grinding roller, find and solve it in time, which can not only prolong the service life of the components but also improve the working efficiency of the whole machine!
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