Maintenance points of rotary kiln accessories
2022-11-03 | Editor:
General maintenance work can be divided into overhaul, medium repairs, and minor repairs, and plans can be prepared according to the use and maintenance of the rotary kiln. Emphasis is placed on minor and medium repairs. Among them, the maintenance work can be carried out when the kiln is stopped to replace the kiln lining, and the maintenance of the transmission device can be carried out after the bricklaying work of the rotary kiln is completed.
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For the overhaul of the rotary kiln, it takes a long time, because the overhaul needs to replace all the worn parts of the kiln and adjust the whole equipment. It must be noted that all the parts to be replaced and the maintenance tools are prepared before the kiln is stopped. When the rotary kiln drive gear is worn by 30%, or the rim is damaged and cannot be repaired, it needs to be replaced; when the rotary kiln shell section has cracks and deformation, it must be repaired and replaced; when the thickness of the supporting roller is worn by 15%, and the thickness of the thrust roller rim is worn by 25%, and the rim of the support roller and thrust roller has through cracks, it needs to be replaced or repaired.
In addition, the fixed friction ring and movable friction ring of the kiln tail sealing device must be replaced when the thickness of 65% is worn. In addition, during the operation of the rotary kiln, the supporting roller shoe is accidentally broken, and when the traditional method cannot be repaired, new parts must be replaced, which not only requires high costs, but also needs to be shut down to wait for spare parts, which will lead to long time kiln shutdown.
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