The important ball mill component - ball mill trunnion
2022-10-24 | Editor:
The mill trunnion is an important part of the ball mill that carries the rotation of the ball mill barrel. It mainly plays the role of supporting and connecting the cylinder in the whole machine, and it is the in and out the channel of the material. The fillet at the root of the end plate of the ball mill trunnion is the stress concentration part, which is prone to blisters, pores, and micro-crack defects during casting. Therefore, the casting quality is extremely demanding.
As an experienced large-scale steel casting processing base, Great Wall Casting (CHAENG) can manufacture ball mill trunnions and other ball mill components with a short casting cycle. CHAENG has a professional technical expert team responsible for the company's research, technology, management, and operation, and has established a scientific and sound process, production, and operation management system to effectively ensure the product quality required by customers.
ball mill trunnion
ball mill sapre parts ball mill head trunnion
Features of CHAENG ball mill trunnion:
Heat treatment is used to increase the hardness of the ball mill trunnion.
High-strength cast steel material is used to ensure the quality of the mill trunnion.
According to the operation of the ball mill, the structure of the ball mill trunnion is optimized to improve the stability of its long-term operation.
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