Ball Mill Trunnion
Weight5-30 t
MaterialASTM: 1025 / DIN: CK25
ApplicationBall Mill,Tube Mill,rod mill
Ball mill trunnion (ball mill hallow shaft) is an important part to load the mill rotary body The neck that connected to bearing liner and the circular that connected to mill shell shouldn’t cast with defects, such as, pore and sand hole The neck that connected to bearing liner should have polishing machining and make sure its precision and smoothness So it has strict requirement for casting technology Great Wall Steel Casting is one of the domestic enterprises that are capable of producing high quality ball mill trunnion
1. Our company uses special heat treatment technology in order to improve the hardness and enhance impact resistance of the ball mill trunnion.

2. Ball mill trunnion produced by Great Wall Steel Casting uses high strength steel material. Before casting, our professional engineers first optimized the technical structure of trunnion, according to running characteristics of ball mill. Thus it can not only guarantee the stability of the part during long time running, but also prolong the parts working life.


3. Great Wall Steel Steel Casting has strong capability of steel casting production, and it can provide casting parts in large quantity with short cast period.


Ball Mill Trunnion



Parts of ball mill trunnion:



Ball mill trunnions and heads are subject to large alternating stresses during operation. Even though trunnions are designed for infinite life,there is always a risk of cracks developing due to small casting defects, wear of the inner surface of the trunnion or other damage, such as cutting scars or welding in the high-stressed areas.

To avoid premature failure of such vital mill components, very high quality manufacturing procedures must be used. Great Wall Steel Casting Company only uses trunnions manufactured by a limited number of highly qualified foundries,ensuring the final quality meets the highest standards. 


The ball mill produced by Great Wall Machinery exported to Russia, the USA, India and other countries,  trunnions as the main casting of ball mill are produced by our factory.

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