Cast steel slag bowl making process
2022-11-18 | Editor:
cast steel slag bowl slag ladle
The slag bowl (slag pot) is one of the important metallurgical containers. It is mainly used to carry converter steel slag, desulfurization slag and continuous casting bowl casting residue, etc. It plays an important role in steelmaking production.
According to the use environment of the slag bowl and combined with the production experience of the slag bowl for more than ten years, CHAENG has continuously improved the production technology and process of the slag bowl:
The first step: simulation, modeling
Before pouring, Huazhu CAE software is used to digitally simulate the casting process, process analysis, and quality prediction of the product forming process, and continuously optimize the slag bowl casting process. The metallurgical auxiliary equipment is complete and complete, and the overall size is well controlled. The use of a water glass sand molding process can prevent the occurrence of hot cracks in castings. At the same time, the pit shape is used, which is not affected by seasons and has high production efficiency.
The second step: pouring, heat treatment
The raw and auxiliary materials that have passed the inspection are put into the electric arc furnace for smelting in proportion, and the molten iron is sampled for spectral analysis. In response to the problem that the carbon content difference between the trunnion alloy steel and the bowl body carbon steel is relatively large, CHAENG has customized a complete set of processes to strictly control the welding problems in the production process.
The third step: grinding and shot blasting
Finally, cut the pouring riser, flash and so on. CHAENG has a professional grinding and finishing team and large-scale shot blasting equipment, which can effectively improve the appearance quality of the slag filling and make its surface finish meet customer requirements. The internal quality of the slag irrigation, strictly prevent any defective products from leaving the factory.
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