The functions of the vertical mill roller shell
2018-10-09 | Editor:
As a key component of vertical mill, the grinding roller often suffers serious wear during long-term operation, due to the complicated composition of the milled material containing some hard impurities, such as quartz stone and iron. So that the gap between the grinding roller and the grinding table is continuously increased, the operating efficiency of the vertical mill is decreased, the energy consumption is increased, and thereby production efficiency reduces.
So how to reduce the wear of the grinding roller, thereby improving production efficiency and reducing the cost of the enterprise? After years of research and development, CHAENG has developed and produced the vertical mill roller shell with strong wear resistance and long service life. The roller shell is produced by high quality alloy steel materials such as ZG30Mn, to solve the technical problem that the vertical mill grinding roller is easy to wear.
vertical mill roller shell

vertical mill grinding roller
The vertical mill roller shell is like a layer of clothing of the vertical grinding roller. Compared with the high cost of the grinding roller, the price of the roller sleeve is much cheaper, and CHAENG adopts a new production process to enhance the wear resistance of the roller shell.
The advantages of the vertical mill roller shell produced by CHAENG are as follows:
1. use ZG30Mn, with high hardness and good wear resistance.
2. professional testing equipment for quality assurance;
3. can be turned out of the mill through the rocker arm , easy to repair;
4. with excellent workmanship and smooth surface, conducive to providing grinding efficiency;
5. high hardness, good anti-cracking.
6. adopt the arc air gouging for finishing to ensure the appearance quality of the roller shell;
7.  Perform flaw detection on the force surface before leaving the factory, to ensure with strong force bearing capacity and stable operation.
Vertical mill roller shell has solved the problem of wear and tear of grinding rollers fundamentally, and has taken an important step to reduce the production cost of enterprises.
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