Multi-ladle pouring, CHAENG heavy anvil block manufacturing
2018-10-11 | Editor:
Multi-ladle pouring is one key technology in the production process of large steel castings. In recent years, CHAENG has many castings using multi-ladle pouring technology, and many castings require secondary smelting to make up the riser. CHAENG has accumulated rich experience in multi-ladle pouring and secondary smelting.
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On July 28, 2018, our company successfully produced a piece of anvil block ordered by an Indian customer. The weight of the casting blank was 105.5 tons, and 154 tons of molten steel was organized, of which 23 tons was used for secondary smelting. The successful casting of this anvil was another achievement after the company produced a 132-ton anvil in 2014.
In October 2014, we received a customer inquiry for the anvil. The company organized discussions several times to study the shape, smelting and casting process of the anvil. Through the analysis of the difficulties in each link, our company finally determined the appropriate shape, smelting and casting process. The amount of molten steel was determined to be 132 tons, including 67 tons of 1# electric furnace, 65 tons of 2# electric furnace, and 1# and 2# electric furnace each has 22 tons for secondary smelting.
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For the production of the anvil, the production department scientifically organized the production, and in order to ensure the smooth pouring of the product, a detailed production plan was prepared to predict and prevent the possible occurrences in the production. Through the cooperation of the whole company, the various problems of the casting process of the anvil were effectively solved, and the anvil was made successful on November 12, 2014, achieving a better matching of tapping, pouring time and molten steel temperature, as a whole. The quality of the casting is guaranteed.
The multi-ladle pouring technology of CHAENG is becoming more and more lean, and it has successfully poured over one piece of large-scale steel casting products, which has been recognized and praised by more and more customers.
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