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2019-09-25 | Editor:
The grinding table is one of the main components of the vertical grinding equipment. During the operation of the grinding machine, the grinding table not only has to bear the torque required by the grinding machine and the pressure of the grinding roller against the grinding table, but also bears the impulse load generated when the grinding machine is running. Therefore, the design of the grinding table in the production process and materials is a concern of many customers.
 As a manufacturer specializing in the production of large-scale kiln grinding equipment and accessories, CHAENG has rich experience in the production and design of grinding equipment. It is worth mentioning that CHAENG manufacturers have large casting bases and advanced detection equipment in the north of Henan. All equipment (including equipment accessories) are independently produced to meet the needs of different users.
Quality comes from life, and the profession comes from superb technology. CHAENG has gathered a group of grinding equipment elites in the field of R&D. Through constant and non-scheduled technical exchanges with domestic and foreign vertical mill experts, we have established a meticulous attitude to create advanced casting technology and explore new technology.
CHAENG is constantly innovating on the road of developing large-scale kiln grinding equipment. Using advanced technology and equipment, the quality of the grinding table is detected, so that the processed grinding table has good comprehensive performance performance, and the wear resistance is also ensured when the hardness is improved. . From the analog design of the grinding table to the packaging factory, every step is strictly checked. Every detail must be considered. Under such professional and rigorous management, the equipment produced is unquestionable in quality.
Product advantages
1. High hardness, good anti-cracking, strong wear resistance, fine workmanship;
2. The finishing of steel castings adopts arc gouging and shot blasting to ensure the appearance quality of steel castings;
3. Non-destructive testing of the force surface before leaving the factory, with strong force and safe and stable operation.
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