CHAENG can provide grinding roller for vertical mill
2019-09-23 | Editor:
The grinding roller is an important component of the vertical mill and the most easily worn component. CHAENG is a manufacturer of grinding rollers, and has a complete quality management and quality assurance system, as well as strict quality testing, configuration of a large number of advanced production equipment and testing equipment, to ensure the quality of accessories.
CHAENG adopts the newly researched ultra-pole wear-resistant material, which greatly improves the wear resistance of the grinding roller table, and better solves the technical problem of the wear-resisting toughness of the vertical mill spare parts and brings it to the market. It has been praised by many large cement companies at home and abroad.
Advantages of the grinding roller produced by CHAENG:
1.CHANEG ZG30mn is used as the grinding roll casting material to improve the hardness and wear resistance of the vertical grinding roller and the grinding table;
2. In the production of grinding roller table, the professional workers of CHAENG use the arc gouging to finish the grinding rollers, so that the appearance quality of the steel castings is guaranteed;
3. The unique grinding roller design of CHAENG makes it wear low during operation, the service life of the grinding roller and its assembly is more than doubled, the maintenance and replacement volume are significantly reduced, and the maintenance cost of the enterprise is greatly reduced;
4. CHAENG Commitment: Before the grinding roller grinding table is delivered, the inspection of the force surface will be carried out through the flow detection method to ensure that the quality of the grinding roller issued from the CHAENG is reliable, and the inferior products and defective products are eliminated.
5. CHAENG has a group of professional technicians who can provide you with advanced online and offline surfacing business.
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