How to solve the problem of slag pot in casting
2019-09-20 | Editor:
Slag pots are important equipment for steelmaking in the metallurgical industry, and their quality directly affects production.
Large steel plants generally purchase large-scale slag pots of more than 10m3, which are difficult to control in large-scale production. The structure of the barrel-shaped parts is very easy to produce shrinkage or shrinkage at the roots; there are four at the bottom of the slag pots. In the vertical angle, the root of the erecting root has a large casting stress during the shrinking process, and the crack is very prone to occur; the volume and surface area of the casting are large, and a large amount of gas will be generated during the casting process, which is a difficult point in the casting process and must be given in advance. Consider, make up for the process.
This part is often in contact with high temperature smelting slag and is prone to thermal fatigue. Therefore, castings are not allowed to have cracks, shrinkage holes, loose pores, blowholes, slag inclusions and cold partitions, and other casting defects that affect quality.
CHAENG has comprehensively analyzed the structure and process of large-scale slag pot castings, combined with nearly 10 years of casting process and production experience, effectively preventing the occurrence of cracks and shrinkage, producing qualified castings, similar The production of castings provides a reference method.
How does CHAENG solve the problems in the production of slag pots?
 1. Introduce advanced production equipment, commit to intelligent, large-scale production of steel castings, resolutely prevent defective products from leaving the factory, safeguard customer rights, and create the CHAENG sign.
 2. CHAENG follows the national standard 2 level flaw detection standard, implements 360° non-destructive testing system, UT and MT flaw detection equipment, and has German OBLF GS-1000 direct reading spectrometer, carbon sulfur analyzer, three element analyzer, mechanical performance test. Machine, impact test low temperature pot, impact test machine, etc., the purpose is to achieve accurate ratio of chemical composition of cast steel to ensure the quality of steel castings.
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