Processing large vertical grinding rollers, preferably CHAENG!
2019-09-27 | Editor:
Grinding roller is one of the important components in the vertical grinding equipment. It mainly crushing and grinding materials, and the casting quality directly affects the grinding effect of the vertical mill. The grinding roller is a wear-resistant part. When the grinding machine is running for a long time, it should be regularly maintained and repaired. In case of failure, it should be repaired and replaced in time.
During the use of the vertical grinding roller, due to the roller rolling pressure, the material supporting force, the frictional resistance between the material and the roller lining, etc., the grinding roller will wear to varying degrees for a long time, which will affect the serious The normal operation of the vertical mill. In order to increase the wear resistance of the grinding roller, CHAENG uses advanced water glass sand molding technology to overcome the shortcomings of the previous structure, so that the surface hardness of the roller can reach HRC56-60, which is more wear-resistant and prevents wear. Fracture occurs when the roller is loaded.
In the early stage, specific process plans can be formulated according to different customer needs;
In the medium term, each casting process is strictly monitored; in the later stage, each product is strictly subjected to 360° non-destructive testing before leaving the factory to prevent all defective products from leaving the factory.
 In the later stage, the advanced technology and meticulous casting process ensured the quality of the castings as a whole, and the first repair time of the large-scale steel castings produced was delayed by 2-3 months compared with the counterparts.
When casting the steel castings, CHAENG pays attention to the details, constantly learns advanced operation methods, and carries out accurate inspection and detailed records of each size of the steel castings, only providing customers with perfect and high-quality cast steel products!
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