What are the processing procedures for slag pots?
2019-09-29 | Editor:
CHAENG processing large-scale steel castings are targeted adjustment processing solutions, for example, in the processing of slag pots, there are unique advantages, then what are the specific processing processes?
1. Simulation, modeling and pouring steps. Before casting, the CAE software is used to simulate the casting process. After that, the molding process of the product is analyzed and quality tested, especially the slag pot casting process. optimization. Auxiliary equipment is relatively complete, the overall size control is also better, CHAENG uses water glass sand for modeling process. In order to prevent the occurrence of hot cracking of castings, we use the pit shape, which will not be affected by the changes of the four seasons, and the production efficiency will also increase.
2. Casting and heat treatment, the qualified materials are put into the electric arc furnace for smelting according to a certain ratio, and then sampled for spectral analysis. If qualified, the casting can be carried out according to the method of low temperature fast pouring, and the pouring time and temperature are recorded. Trunnion alloy steel and pot carbon steel are also relatively large because of the difference in carbon content between the two materials, but CHAENG has a complete process that will control the welding problems in the production process.
3 Grinding and flaw detection, cutting riser and flash, by the polishing team to operate, large-scale shot peening equipment to ensure the appearance quality of the slag pot, so that the surface finish can meet customer requirements, but also use more advanced flaw detection The equipment is used to test each slag pot to ensure the internal quality and prevent the defective products from leaving the factory.
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