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2019-06-01 | Editor:
The trunnion is the key component of the support cylinder on the ball mill. The entire swivel part (including the submerged body and material weight) is supported on the main bearing by these two parts. Therefore, the casting and processing quality of the trunnion directly affects whether the mill can operate safely for a long time.
Ball mill trunnion damage generally shows the following aspects:
1.The ellipticity error of the trunnion journal is too large or the cylindricity error is too large, and the surface has deep dents, so that cracks or holes appear.
2.The trunnion is axially cracked, and the crack extends from the center position to the both ends in the axial direction, and penetrates the trunnion wall in a serious case. Usually, the crack is not perpendicular to the center, but an irregular diagonal line.
3.The inner hole of the trunnion is seriously worn, the diameter of the inner hole becomes large, and the maximum wear amount is more than 50%.
Cause Analysis:
After long-term operation of the trunnion, the wear of the trunnion will naturally occur due to material fatigue, but occasional poor maintenance will also increase the wear of the trunnion. If a small amount of material enters between the inner bore of the trunnion and the spiral barrel at the feed end, , it will cause serious wear of the inner hole of the trunnion. Wear to a certain extent, if not found and repaired in time, it will cause cracks, holes, etc., affecting the continuous operation of the ball mill, must be repaired.
CHAENG uses a unique heat treatment technology to improve the hardness of the trunnion and enhance the impact resistance;
The trunnion produced by CHAENG is cast from high-strength steel. In the early stage of casting, the engineer of CHAENG also optimized the structure of the trunnion for the running characteristics of the ball mill, which greatly guaranteed the long-term operation of the part. Lower stability, extending the life of the components;
CHAENG has strong production capacity of steel castings, which can produce large quantities of trunnion and other components with short casting cycle and large output.
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