Why is the slag pot produced by the CHAENG reliable?
2019-05-29 | Editor:
The slag pots cast by CHAENG have been recognized by 2,000 customers. By this year, more than 90% of the slag pots have been exported overseas, including the United States, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, etc. More than a dozen countries and regions, what kind of S strength can be recognized by overseas customers?
This is mainly due to the fact that CHAENG has specialized in producing carbon steel, manganese steel and high alloy steel products for many years.At the same time, it has provided professional production and processing services for various sizes of slag pots for many years, so it has strong experience. There are also professional processing equipment and professional flaw detection equipment, which lay the foundation for the production of high quality steel castings.
CHAENG has obtained a number of system certifications from the initial stage of construction, and its quality is relatively reliable.ISO9001:2008 international quality management system certification, the production of slag pots are also produced in accordance with international standards, more to ensure the quality of slag pots.
The annual productivity of CHAENG is 30,000 tons, which also provides a strong guarantee for the delivery time of CHAENG. Many customers who cooperate with CHAENG are very satisfied with our delivery time.
When producing slag pots, the technicians of CHAENG will conduct detailed exchanges with customers and then develop a production plan for slag pots. This is also to better understand the customer's needs, what kind of concerns about the product, or what kind of requirements, can be more appropriate to the needs of customers to cast products. The production process is checked, and it is necessary to first open the mold, shape, cast, etc., and pursue 100% quality. CHAENG also regularly trains front-line operators to ensure the stability of the production quality of slag pots.
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