Under what circumstances does the large girth gear need maintenance?
2019-05-27 | Editor:
The large girth gear is one of the important components in the rotary kiln. In the long-term use, no matter how good the quality of the parts, it can not avoid damage. In serious cases, it will directly affect the normal use effect of the rotary kiln. When the following situation occurs in the large girth gear, it means that maintenance is required:
1.After the parts have been running for a period of time, it is necessary to clean the large girth gear waste oil. It is best to clean the dirt thoroughly and then wipe it clean with a clean gauze. Then you can use oil or oil to apply, so that the girth gear can work in a clean and lubricated environment, and it is also a good working environment;
2.Before the equipment starts working, it is necessary to lubricate the girth gear with lubricating oil in order to make it work well;
3.After the equipment is rotated, it is necessary to check the friction between the various components, whether there is any extrusion, and whether there is noise. If it is, then the components need to be adjusted to make the machine work better.
Because the large girth gear plays a large role in the operation of the rotary kiln, it is necessary to pay more attention to the operating characteristics of the machine during daily use. Regular maintenance and maintenance is carried out to ensure the normal use of the entire machine without affecting the progress of production.
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