The unique advantage of the CHAENG production slag pot
2019-05-24 | Editor:
The slag pot is the main product of CHAENG, and more than 95% of the products are exported. Since the signing of the first slag pot ordering contract in July 2008, CHAENG has continuously achieved breakthroughs. There are 50 types of slag pots produced, and 300 finished products are sold globally, steadily opening up overseas markets. The ability to achieve such a good export performance stems from the unique advantages of CHAENG in the production of slag pots:
1.6000 times of use, longer life of slag pot
CHAENG has innovated in the production of slag pots. It adopts the current advanced cast steel technology and software system. The slag pots produced can guarantee 6,000 times of use, and the first repair time is 2-3 months longer than that of its peers.
2. Professional casting equipment, perfect testing system
CHAENG provides various specifications of slag pot production and processing services for many years, casting and machining equipment, laying the foundation for the production of high quality slag pots; using advanced flaw detection equipment for non-destructive testing of each slag pot, key parts It can meet the level 2 flaw detection standard of GB/T 7233.1-2009, and can also design the process according to the customer's specific flaw detection standard.
3. Higher cost performance, rich cases
As a well-known large-scale cast steel manufacturer in China, the slag pot produced by CHAENG has a short delivery time and is directly sent to customers without intermediate sales channels, avoiding the high price caused by the layer price increase, and cost-effective; Well-known companies such as the Group and India's Tata Steel Group have established good cooperative relations and are trustworthy.
In the future, CHAENG will continue to innovate and surpass its products and technologies with the ingenuity of grinding a sword for ten years, and increase its efforts in overseas market development, and strive to become a world-class enterprise with global competitiveness.
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