Special maintenance method for ball mill large girth gear
2019-05-05 | Editor:
The most used equipment in the metallurgical industry, building materials industry, chemical industry, etc. is the rotary kiln, and the key component in the rotary kiln transmission is the large girth gear, which is connected by a pair of screws used by the two half gears. Then, it is fixed to the kiln body through the spring plate and then tangentially. The large girth gear needs regular maintenance after a long period of use. When it is overhauled, it needs to be replaced directly. After saving some expenses, it is used after turning over.
When the large girth gear of the rotary kiln is to be renovated, it is necessary to replace the barrel section and the spring plate, and then riveted again. If the lower tube section and the spring plate are not damaged, there is no need to replace it, and it is not necessary to add a process. CHAENG to teach you a set of maintenance methods:
1. Cut the connecting plate of the spring plate and the large girth gear directly, and then eliminate the large girth gear;
2, to clean or correct the large girth gear;
3. Locate the large girth gear on the front and back when lifting;
4. Install the pin shaft, weld the spring plate and the new ear plate;
This maintenance method is to repair the large girth gear without replacing the barrel of the large girth gear of the ball mill and the spring plate. It is necessary to cut the spring plate and the ear plate of the large girth gear first, and the cylinder and the previous spring plate can be kept still. When the girth gear is turned over, the new trunnion and pin can be replaced. After the girth gear is corrected, the new ear plate and the spring plate are welded. Of course, the welding is firm. This method not only saves the use cost of the barrel and spring plates, rivets and other spare parts, can omit some operation steps, and can also save the corresponding time.
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