Analysis of the function of the rotary kiln supporting roller adjusting device
2019-05-07 | Editor:
The rotary kiln supporting roller is used to carry the weight of the entire rotating part and the orientation of the cylinder. It can ensure that the cylinder and the rolling ring can work normally and smoothly on the supporting roller, so the production of the supporting roller needs to have Superior endurance, the quality requirements for this aspect are also relatively high, and it is also a sign used to judge whether the quality of the rotary kiln product is up to standard.
The rotary kiln supporting roller is adjusted to ensure that the rotary kiln operates in a safe and stable state for a long time. Under normal operating conditions, it is necessary to ensure that the center line of the kiln cylinder is a straight line, so that the kiln body can be repeatedly pulsed back and forth between the two rotary kiln thrust rollers in the axial direction,Thereby, the force balance of each supporting roller, Kiln tyre and bearing can be achieved, eliminating unreasonable factors such as eccentric wear and force concentration, thereby reducing maintenance costs and extending the operating cycle of the rotary kiln.
CHAENG is treated by normalizing and tempering in the casting of the supporting roller. The surface hardness of the outer circumference of the supporting roller is higher than 200HB, which greatly guarantees the quality of the rotary kiln supporting roller device.
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