Precautions for steel plant slag pot when tipping over
2019-05-09 | Editor:
The steel plant should be self-locking in the operation of the slag pot tipping device, and the tilting angle of the tilting slag pot needs to be less than 116 degrees. When pouring the slag, it is necessary to select the topography to prevent accidental injury to the slag shell when the slag is poured.
1.The slag pot carrier needs to take a good stop wheel operation before it can turn over the slag pot at a long distance. When turning the slag pot, everyone must stay away from the slag pot carrier.
2.When the slag pot is turned over, it is also necessary to supply power. This requires the use of some concealed plugs to take the flexible cable, which needs to be operated at a distance of 30 meters away from the slag pot.
3.The opening of a slag pot crust or the inner crust of the slag pot after the slag is poured, and the slag crusher or the crusher can be used for processing.
4.When there is more iron in the slag, it should not be dumped.
5.When the heavy slag pot cannot turn over the slag, it needs to wait for it to completely solidify before processing.
Slag pots are often used in steel plants, so customers will choose some of the more reliable large-scale casting foundries when they choose. They must have professional casting equipment, so that the quality of steel castings can be assured and the service life is guaranteed.
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