How to choose the foundry of the vertical mill grinding table?
2019-05-13 | Editor:
The vertical grinding table is one of the core components of the vertical mill, and the market demand is also growing. Vertical mills have been adopted by more and more cement companies because of their obvious energy-saving advantages. Faced with huge market demand, all kinds of foundry manufacturers have sprung up. Among the many foundry manufacturers, which one is the best?
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CHAENG as a well-known vertical grinding table casting manufacturer in China, has stood out among many foundry manufacturers with its high-quality products and perfect service, and has become one of the large-scale steel casting production and processing factories in Henan Province,China.
1.Material aspect: The material of CHAENG is mainly ordinary carbon steel and low alloy steel. If customers have special requirements on casting materials,CHAENG can formulate special smelting process according to the standard to meet the individual needs of customers.
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2. Capability aspect: CHAENG can cast the largest single piece of 132t blank, and design the matching casting process according to the structure and technical standard of different castings.
3. Cycle aspect: The production period of steel casting blanks is from 25-45 days, depending on the casting process and product technical requirements.
4. Process aspect: advanced technology, capable of casting control size according to tolerance; Advanced inspection equipment ensures precise control of the intrinsic quality of castings; effective blasting equipment to greatly improve surface quality; the company has 7 years of casting experience and can cast Various types of steel castings can give professional guidance and answers to problems encountered by customers.
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5. Detecting aspects: The main technologies are: ultrasonic flaw detection (UT), magnetic particle inspection (MT), and dye penetrant inspection (PT). As a whole, it can reach three levels of flaw detection, and the key parts can reach the second level of flaw detection.
CHAENG can provide customers with various specifications of grinding table customization business, including various models of GRM series vertical grinding table and other brand models of grinding tables, which can fully meet the needs of customers.
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