Happy news:Nine pieces of slag pot successfully sent out to the United States
2019-04-28 | Editor:
On April 17-21, nine slag pots produced by CHAENG passed the acceptance test and were sent to Tianjin Port for delivery to US customers.
In the development of the past ten years, CHAENG has been insisting on continuous innovation and learning. In-depth optimization of the material and structure of the slag pot, and learning of the international advanced casting process. In addition, the company's professional R & D design team and high-precision production equipment can fully guarantee the quality of the slag pot.

First,each slag pot is digitally simulated by CAE software before casting. The process analysis and quality prediction of the product forming process are carried out by digital simulation technology, and the process optimization of slag pot casting is completed. Second,For the problem that the two materials of slag can trunnion alloy steel and pot carbon steel are difficult to weld, CHAENG has customized a complete process to strictly control the welding problems in the production process of slag pots; 360 ° non-destructive testing of the inner wall of the slag pot, the trunnion and the tilting mechanism with advanced flaw detection equipment to ensure the internal and external quality of the slag pot. The slag pot material produced by CHAENG is mature, the manufacturing process is stable, the deformation resistance is strong, and the service life can be as long as 6000 times.
So far, CHAENG has produced more than 1,000 slag pots, and has established good cooperative relations with internationally renowned steel companies such as Tata and Mittal, and exported to more than a dozen overseas countries such as South Korea, Japan and the United States. The quality is widely praised.
CHAENG is committed to becoming a first-class high-end metallurgical equipment supporting service provider in China. It has strict requirements on the quality of its products and ensures that customers will not be affected when they use it. We can also provide customers with a one-stop service for the delivery of metallurgical equipment components from production to finished products.
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