High quality rolling mill stand housing made by CHAENG
2018-12-29 | Editor:
rolling mill stand housing
The working environment of hot rolling mill is very harsh. The inner surface and the bottom of the rolling mill housing are prone to different degrees of corrosion and wear, which affect the working operation of the rolling mill. How to choose high quality rolling mill housing? CHAENG advises the following three points
1.Materials of the rolling mill housing
In the production process, CHAENG adopts a unique polymer structure cast steel material, which gives the rolling mill housing a good impact resistance, can withstand the erosion of cooling water, and greatly reduce the degree of wear.
2.Surface wear resistant coating
CHAENG specially designs the wear-resistant coating on the metal surface of the rolling mill. The coating is synthesized by the polymer composite repairing material and has excellent adhesion. It can be firmly adsorbed on the metal surface of the rolling mill housing, and will not fall off after long-term work, so that the rolling mill housing has good corrosion and wear resistance.
3.Advanced flaw detection technology
The flaw detection technology of CHAENG is at an advanced level in the industry, and the flaw detection on the inner surface of the rolling mill housing is reached the level-2, guaranteeing the intrinsic quality of the rolling mill housing.
The special casting materials, the polymer composite coatings, and the advanced flaw detection technology support of CHAENG ensure the quality and performance of rolling mill housing to a large extent. 
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rolling mill housing
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