The main role of heat treatment in the girth gear of rotary kiln
2018-12-28 | Editor:
The girth gear is a key component on the rotary kiln and requires good comprehensive mechanical properties and tooth surface wear resistance to ensure stable operation of the rotary kiln. When the metallurgical factors such as smelting and pouring are determined, the metallographic structure becomes the decisive factor in the mechanical properties of the steel castings, and the chemical composition and heat treatment process are crucial for the formation of metallographic structures in various parts of the girth gear.
It is well known that different heat treatment methods and different heat treatment parameters have different effects on the mechanical properties of the material, thus affecting the performance, practical life and failure mode of the girth gear. Therefore, it is necessary to control the heat treatment process of the girth gear very well. In general, in order to prevent heat treatment deformation, the tooth blank is subjected to normalizing or quenching and tempering after rough machining, and has the following three functions:
1. The large girth gear is heat-treated, so that the girth gear structure is optimized, the hardness is improved, the wear resistance and impact resistance are greatly enhanced.
2. Eliminate residual stress and soften the steel for cutting.
3. Refine the grain, optimize the structure to improve the mechanical properties of the steel.
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girth gear of rotary kiln
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