What materials CHAENG use for producing vertical mill grinding roller
2019-01-04 | Editor:
Irregular wear of the vertical mill grinding roller and table will make the efficiency of the equipment reduced, and make the energy consumption continuously increased, which eventually lead to the shutdown of the vertical mill. Therefore, improving the wear resistance of vertical mill grinding rollers and grinding table has become one of the important topics for many companies.
vertical mill grinding roller
CHAENG is a professional large-scale steel casting manufacturer in China. It has many years of experience in large steel castings. In the field of vertical mill grinding roller fabrication, CHAENG has unique advantages. Regarding how to improve the performance of the vertical mill grinding roller, CHAENG believes that it is necessary to adjust from the grinding roller material and casting process.
CHAENG uses high-strength alloy steel material to produce grinding rollers which have high hardness, good crack resistance and strong wear resistance. And more, CHAENG has strict production standards to control every step of design, production management, marketing, and service. The strict quality control and the advanced flaw detection further ensure the internal quality and extend the service life of the vertical mill grinding roller.
vertical mill grinding roller
CHAENG is a professional vertical mill grinding roller manufacturer, which can provide customers with various types of steel casting production and processing services. Welcome to consult!
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