Why to choose steel castings for your heavy equipment?
2019-01-05 | Editor:
Nowadays, steel castings are widely used in various mechanical equipment and engineering construction due to their own advantages, such as vertical roller mill, rotary kiln, rolling mills, etc. So, what are the advantages of the steel castings? The professional engineers of CHAENG pointed out the following aspects.
First, its own advantages:
1. Greater design flexibility
The steel castings are easy to shape, easy to change shape and can be quickly produced according to drawings, which can provide quick response and shorten delivery time.
2. The strong flexibility and variability in metallurgical manufacturing
Different chemical compositions and organizational structures can be chosen to meet the needs of different projects. Different heat treatment processes can select mechanical properties and can use this property over a wide range and improve weldability and workability.
Wide range of weight
Small steel castings may only have 10 grams, while large steel castings can reach several tons, dozens or even hundreds of tons.
Second, comparative advantage:
1. Compared with forged steel parts: the mechanical properties of steel castings are not much different in all directions, and they are superior to forged steel parts. Designers must consider the material's performance in three directions when designing some high-tech products, which highlights the advantages of castings. Steel castings are easy to make complex shapes and non-stressed components without regard to weight, volume and primary production.
2. Compared to iron casting and other alloy castings: steel castings can be used in a wide variety of operating conditions and have better mechanical properties than other alloy castings. When we need high tensile strength or dynamic load parts, important pressure vessel castings and core components that carry heavy loads at low or high temperatures, in principle, we should prefer steel castings.
However, just as “no one is perfect”, steel castings are not as good as iron castings in terms of vibration absorption, wear resistance and maneuverability, and the cost is higher than that of iron castings. However, through the use of advanced technology and computer simulation technology, CHAENG can ensure the quality of steel castings during the casting process, and further enhance the wear resistance of castings through the reasonable matching of carbon and steel.
CHAENG can provide customers with key parts and finished products solutions from blank to finished products, which further reduces the cost and fundamentally solves the problem of poor wear resistance and high cost of steel castings.
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