How do the CHAENG steel casting parts ensure the high quality?
2019-01-10 | Editor:
Quality is the foundation of the company's life and development. Just depending on reliable product quality and market reputation, CHAENG can deliver a batch of steel casting parts and achieve outstanding achievements in the domestic and foreign markets.
As a well-known steel casting factory in China, how does CHAENG control the quality and the production process of steel casting parts so good?
First of all, the five major factors of "people, machine, material, rule, and environment" are controlled.
People: Strengthen the quality training of employees,  to improve quality awareness and operation level.
Machine: Regularly maintain the production equipment, tooling and measuring tools, to ensure the accuracy of equipment, tooling and measuring devices.
Material: Do well the arrangement, refinement and operation of raw materials, semi-finished products and accessories to ensure the normal operation of subsequent processes and control of product schedules;
Rule: In the production process, the rules and regulations, perfect process instructions, product operation standards, inspection standards, key control points, etc., to ensure product quality;
Environment: Adhere to the arrangement and improvement of the working environment, ensure the safety and smoothness of the working environment, so as to improve product quality.
Secondly, implement the three-inspection systems of self-inspection, mutual inspection, and special inspection
The three-inspection system can detect problems as early as possible and prevent the generation of batches of non-conforming products. It is a means to pre-control the production process of products, and is an important method for quality control of product processes.
In summary, the key to improve quality of the CHAENG steel castings is doing a good job in the planning and implementation of “people, machine, material, rule and environment”, and in the management, supervision and implementation of “three-inspection system”. Only by doing this can the quality of steel casting parts be effectively controlled.
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