How CHAENG coal mill bearing block to attract customers
2019-01-11 | Editor:
The bearing block is one of the key components of the coal mill. Whether the coal mill is working or stationary, the bearing block supports the cylinder, mill trunnion and grinding medium (liner, steel ball, steel bar or ore) in the cylinder. In the working state, it must also withstand the non-uniform impact of various materials. Therefore, the force generated by the entire equipment during operation must be supported and disassembled by the bearing block. 
So, the choice of the coal mill bearing block is particularly important. According to the function and requirements of the bearing block in the whole coal mill, the bearing block must have high strength, wear resistance, and vibration damping performance. CHAENG is a professional large-scale steel casting manufacturer in China, producing a large range of large steel castings. 
coal mill bearing block
The three reason to chose the coal mill bearing block made by CHAENG are:
1. good material with high wear resistance
The bearing block made by CHAENG adopts SCW480 steel, which effectively guarantees the quality of the bearing block. After the practice test, the CHAENG bearing block can be stable and effective in the long-term and high-load operation, with small wear and loss.
2. Monitoring equipment is perfect, to control the real-time operating status
The lower seat of the bearing is equipped with an oil level observation oil mark. The operator can see the oil level at any time, and can replenish the oil amount in time to prevent poor lubrication due to lack of oil and avoid bearing damage accidents.
3. Reasonable structure, conducive to long-term stable operation
The outer sleeve of the bearing is removed to prevent dust from entering the bearing case, ensuring the service life of the bearing and safe operation.
CHAENG bearing block has many advantages. If you have the need to buy a bearing block, please come to CHAENG, we look forward to your visit!
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