Bearing Chock
MaterialASTM: A-27 70-40 / DIN: 20Mn5
ApplicationRolling Mill, Ball Mill, Coal Mill
The bearing chock is an important component to fixed bearing It is the core unit for the weight-supporting and rolling bearing It acts as a support in the bearing component Bearing chock works continuously under the circumstance of low speed and heavy duty, along with the impact So it is important to have a good quality guarantee for the components
1. Good material and high degree of wear resistance.
The bearing chock is made from SCW480 material guarantee the quality of the finished product. The bearing seat can still keep stable and effective and less loss in high-load and long time operating through the practice of inspection.
2. Complete monitoring equipment available to current operation state.
The bearing seat is equipped with observation oil level. The operators can see the oil level height and timely supply oil. So it can prevent lead to bad lubrication for lack of oil and avoid the bearing damage accidents.
3. Reasonable structure, conductive to long-term stable operation.
Take out the bearing outer roof and prevent dust from entering the bearing box. So ensure the service life and safe and reliable operation of the bearing.

Henan Zhongyuan Heavy Forging Company ordering our 68t bearing chock for rolling mill.

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