Rotary kiln support roller and riding ring surface wear causes and treatment
2018-09-19 | Editor:
1. The axis is not parallel to the center line of the kiln. This is a installation problem on the kiln support roller device which needs to be discovered and adjusted in time.
2. The transmission gear meshes incorrectly, and the gear teeth are seriously worn to cause conflict. This is a installation problem of girth gear and pinion in the transmission system, and it is necessary to re-correct the meshing center distance of the gear and pinion.
3. The support roller is skewed and the bearing bushes are unevenly worn, or only one of the bearing bushes is replaced after uneven wear. Therefore, when replacing the bearing bushes, they must be replaced completely.
4. Sliding and uneven surface wear between the support roller and the riding ring. This is due to the sliding friction caused by the excessive clearance between the riding ring and the cylinder, and in this case the kiln riding ring needs to be repaired and adjusted.
5. The foundation of kiln sinks, and the foundation stiffness is not enough to cause vibration. After the installation of the rotary kiln is completed, the settlement observation plate must be installed on the foundation pier to observe the foundation settlement at all times.
6. The surface of the support roller and the riding ring is poorly lubricated and worn excessively, causing longitudinal agitation of the bearing. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the lubrication of the contact surface between the roller and the riding ring.
7. The material and structure of the support roller and the riding ring are defective, so that the weaker part is ground into a groove, and the rib is formed at a hard place. In this case it is necessary to strictly control the quality inspection of roller and riding ring.
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