Ball mill trunnion fracture reasons
2018-09-17 | Editor:
Ball mill users often encounter the problem of ball mill trunnion fracture, the first reaction is the ball mill trunnion quality is not good. In fact, the ball mill trunnion fracture is a common equipment failure. CHAENG, a professional manufacturer of large steel castings such as ball mill trunnion, combines with many years of production experience and practical experience, to analyse the causes of ball mill trunnion as follows:
1. The shape of the ball mill trunnion is quite special, and there is also an r zone. After the ball mill trunnion is finished, no obvious casting defects such as shrinkage, slag inclusion, segregation and cracking are allowed. These casting defects are often the main cause of the ball mill trunnion fracture.
2. The ball mill trunnion is generally a large steel casting part, some can reach more than ten tons. There is often stress concentration in the casting, so when processing the trunnion blank, it should be treated with aging treatment, otherwise it will lead to the stress concentration residue inside of the trunnion. During ball mill operating under the action of cross stress, the stress concentration is o likely to lead to the occurrence of cracks.
3. If the ball mill trunnion which is produced by segmented casting can not guarantee the quality of welding and the quality of post-weld heat treatment, it is easy to produce hardened structure, stress concentration and microcrack.
ball mill trunnion
CHAENG is a large ball mill trunnion manufacturer in China. It uses unique heat treatment technology to improve the hardness and enhance the impact resistance of the mill trunnion. Moreover, the ball mill trunnion produced by CHAENG is cast from high-strength steel. According to the running characteristics of the ball mill, the specific processing technology is customized, which greatly guarantees the stability of the ball mill trunnion under long-term operation and prolongs the service life.
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