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What parts of ceramsite rotary kiln are composed of? 
Let us first briefly understand the structure of ceramsite sand rotary kiln.The ceramsite sand rotary kiln is mainly composed of five systems: the rotating system, the supporting system, the transmission bearing, the sealing system and the burner.
The introduction of ceramsite sand rotary kiln parts:
1. Main parts of ceramsite sand rotary kiln
The rotating system of the ceramsite sand rotary kiln consists of large girth gear, riding ring, cylinder, riding ring pad, riding ring sections, brick block, kiln door guard, discharge pipe, etc.
2. Major large parts of supporting system:
The supporting system of the ceramsite sand rotary kiln consists of the support roller, the support roller shaft, the support roller bearing seat, the supporting base, the thrust roller, thrust roller pedestal and so on.
3. The main parts of the transmission bearing
The ceramsite sand rotary kiln drive bearing parts consist of pinion gear, bearing housing, pin, pinion shaft, bushing, bolt, movable coupling, rubber block, fixed coupling, elastic ring, motor pair wheel, etc.
4. The main parts of sealing system
The ceramsite sand rotary kiln sealing system includes kiln head, tail seal ring, graphite block, bracket, spring, tension bolt and so on. 
Great Wall Steel Casting (CHAENG) can provide rotary kiln parts with a single-piece weight of more than one ton according to the drawings, including large girth gear, riding ring, kiln shell, pinion gear, bearing housing, thrust roller and so on. If you need to purchase large parts for your rotary kiln, please feel free to contact us for a quote!
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