CHAENG rocker arms for vertical roller mill started the journey to Nanjing customer
2018-11-20 | Editor:
On the afternoon of November 17, three sets of vertical roller mill rocker arm assemblies left the Great Wall Steel Casting (CHAENG) to Nanjing. The customized rocker arms for the Nanjing customer include the upper rocker arms and the lower rocker arms.
vertical mill rocker arm

vertical mill rocker arm
The rocker arm is one of the main components of the vertical roller mill. CHAENG has mature technology in the rocker arm production. The rocker arm produced by CHAENG has good wear resistance, strong fracture resistance, and high cost performance.
Process advantages of CHAENG vertical mill rocker arm:
1. CHAENG customizes the rocker arm according to the user's drawings, so that it is well matched with the user's vertical roller mill.
2. Level-2 flaw detection to ensure quality.
3. Use arc gouging and shot blasting to guarantee the appearance quality.
4. Adopt optimized chemical matching high-quality alloy steel ZG270-500, ZG30SiMnMo to ensure the wear resistance and fracture resistance of the rocker arm. 
5. Before leaving the factory, CHAENG carries out non-destructive testing on the stress side of the rocker arm to avoid the defective products.

The affirmation of the market and the recognition of customers have given the great strength and motivation to CHAENG. In the future, CHAENG will continue to maintain its high morale and combine its technology and product advantages to push the CHAENG brand to a broader global market.

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