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2018-09-29 | Editor:
VRM grinding roller (vertical roller mill grinding roller) is an important part for vertical mill to grind materials, so, in the operation of vertical mill, there will be wear phenomenon on the grinding roller. Customers choose grinding roller with long service life can guarantee the long-term operation of vertical mill. 
vertical mill grind roller
The surfacing welding advantages of CHAENG vertical mill grinding roller are:
1. the surface is flat, the weld bead is beautiful
2, the surface hardness of the roller can reach HRC56~60
3. The weld layer has uniform transverse lines to release the internal stress of the weld.
4. The service life is increased by 2 times
CHAENG introduces advanced foreign surfacing technology, optimized the arc welding process. The grinding roller and the grinding table are all welded with German imported welding wire, which effectively guarantees the service life of the grinding roller and the production efficiency of vertical mill, and reduces the surfacing frequency, to significantly saves maintenance costs and also avoid production losses caused by maintenance shutdowns. In addition to the good achievements in the field of surfacing welding, CHAENG is also fruitful in the manufacture of grinding rollers and other large steel castings such as grinding table, grinding roller hub and rocker arms.
vertical mill grinding table
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