Large steel casting, ball mill head
2022-05-24 | Editor:
Ball mills are widely used in metal and non-metal mines, building materials, and other sectors to grind various ores and rocks. The ball mill is mainly composed of a cylinder, inlet & outlet heads, main bearings, inlet & outlet bushings, transmission gears and motors, etc.
CHAENG is one of the large steel casting plants in China, specializing in processing large steel castings of various materials, among which the ball mill head is one of the star products of CHAENG.
ball mill head, steel castings
In order to ensure the quality of the ball mill head, CHAENG has made innovations in process technology. At present, the ball mill inlet and outlet heads of CHAENG are sold well all over the country and are exported to Russia, Canada, Chile, Pakistan, and other countries. So, why are CHAENG ball mill heads so popular?
First of all, CHAENG is skilled and experienced in casting technology, and can process and cast various large-scale steel castings. CHAENG deepens the drawings provided by customers and uses computer simulation technology to simulate the forming process of steel castings to optimize the process design, which can avoid problems such as too small journal and transition angle, stress concentration, etc., and ensure the internal quality of ball mill head.
Secondly, during the casting process of the ball mill head, CHAENG strictly controls the process to ensure the quality of ball mill heads and avoid rough corners of the R area.
Finally, CHAENG will also teach users some maintenance methods for the ball mill head to prolong the service life of the ball mill head.
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