Several pieces of CHAENG rotary kiln custom parts were delivered
2022-05-26 | Editor:
Xinxiang Great Wall Casting (CHAENG) has ushered in a small peak in shipments. Recently, many rotary kiln custom parts have been delivered one after another. 
kiln tyre
Rotary Kiln Tyre
rotary kiln riding ring
Rotary Kiln Riding Ring
During the whole casting process, although we faced difficulties in epidemic and transportation, with the efforts of all staff of CHAENG, we overcame the difficulties, successfully completed the task, and won the recognition of customers. In the process of production, we actively communicate with customers and constantly make corresponding adjustments, so that users can understand the whole process and supervise at the same time. Through these measures, we effectively control the quality, so that the steel castings can meet the requirements of customers.
rotary kiln support roller
Rotary Kiln Support Roller
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