Factors affecting the production quality of large steel castings
2022-06-02 | Editor:
The production of large steel castings is mainly formed by cooling and solidification of liquid metal. Therefore, in the casting production process, if the casting process is not well controlled, it will lead to casting quality problems. The results show that the two variables that affect the production of castings are dimensional accuracy and solidification time.
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1. Condensation timing
The structure, grain size, orientation, and morphology of liquid metal are closely related to the solidification structure of the casting, and they have an important influence on the physical and mechanical properties of the steel casting. The purpose of casting is to obtain the desired texture and control the solidified texture. Therefore, effective methods for controlling tissue include metamorphism, pregnancy, dynamic connection, continuous coagulation, rapid coagulation, etc.
2. Control accuracy
The dimensional accuracy and surface roughness of casting are affected and restricted by many factors, and it is difficult to control. Castings are liquid formed, which has unique advantages to achieve the near-net shape. Structurally, the inner cavity and outer shape of the steel casting are formed at one time by the casting method, so that it is close to the final shape of the part, and the processing and assembly steps are minimized. In terms of dimensional accuracy and surface quality, the casting can be close to the final requirements of the product, with a one-dimensional allowance or a small allowance; on the other hand, retaining the original casting surface is conducive to maintaining the excellent performance of corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance of the casting. Thereby extending product life.
In the production of large steel castings, controlling the above two important aspects can ensure the shape and dimensional accuracy of the slag pot during casting. To a certain extent, we can strive for the interests of the Chinese market economy by reducing the cost of the enterprise.
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