What is the impact on the service life of the slag pot?
2019-07-24 | Editor:
The slag pot is an important equipment for steelmaking in the metallurgical industry. It is mainly used to hold the high-temperature slag produced in the iron and steel smelting process, and also has the shape container of the trunnion on both sides. More than 95% of the slag pots cast by CHAENG are exported, and the exporting countries include the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Turkey, India and many other countries.
The service life of the slag pot will also be affected to some extent:
1. When the converter is subjected to abnormal slag
Although the slag pot is relatively safe when carrying steel slag, there is still a certain risk to the abnormal slag which occurs in the converter. It is mainly used to wash the slag before the furnace and the high temperature iron oxide slag when smelting the special steel.
The slag produced afterwards is slightly higher than the average slag temperature, and the oxidized iron content in the slag is also higher, and the fluidity is better. However, after entering the slag pot, the iron oxide in the slag will have a certain chemical reaction with the slag pot body, and the slag will also have a certain temperature load impact, and a tank accident will occur to a large extent.
2. Influence of casting after continuous casting
The continuous casting of the casting will have a certain amount of steel slag, and there will be some molten steel. At this time, if there is no special treatment in time, when the casting amount is relatively large, the molten steel will directly contact the slag pot. If the time is long, it will cause corrosion to pass through the tank, and may also cause a bonding reaction with the slag pot. A certain degree of damage is also caused when the slag pot is to be poured.
3. The influence of external forces on the slag pot
When the slag pot and the steel slag are bonded, it is impossible to turn the pot properly. At this point, it is necessary to use an external tapping force to pour the steel slag. The external striking force will be transmitted in the form of waves and the slag pot, and a certain superposition inside will also result in the loss of the slag pot.
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