What should you pay attention to when processing the trunnion of a ball mill?
2019-08-05 | Editor:
The trunnion is an important component of the ball mill. If the casting material does not meet the requirements or the casting process is not rigorous, after a period of wear, it will cause cracks or even fractures of the trunnion. The maintenance of the trunnion not only takes a long time, but also takes time and labor to affect the work efficiency. So what details should you pay attention to when casting trunnion?
Firstly, the rounded corner of the end of the trunnion of the ball mill is a concentrated part of the stress. This part is prone to defects such as blisters, pores and microcracks during casting, so there must be no casting defects in the hole and blisters.
Secondly, in the processing, the part that is in contact with the spherical tile needs to be ground after processing to ensure accuracy and smoothness.
In the processing of steel castings, CHAENG is made of a unique cost-effective trunnion that is made of high-performance steel and high-strength steel. It strictly follows the national standard 2 inspection standard and implements a 360°non-destructive testing system to ensure the casting. Steel parts are reliable and long-lasting.
CHAENG is a well-known large-scale cast steel manufacturer in China. All large-scale steel castings produced are directly sent to customers without intermediate sales channels, avoiding the high price caused by layer-level price increases, saving production costs and reducing burdens for customers!
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