Three reasons for the rotary kiln girth gear vibration
2018-05-10 | Editor:
The girth gear is an important component of the rotary kiln. The most important obstacle that may occur during the operation is the vibration, so the reason for the rotary kiln girth gear and the corresponding treatment methods are the important contents of the repair work of the rotary kiln.
kiln girth gear
1.Caused by the wear of the connector. The girth gear is connected with the kiln body through the spring plate pin, and the girth gear itself is segmented manufacturing, and is combined by counter screws. When the pin and counter screws are worn, the girth gear parts are loose and the local girth gear sinks, which will cause the tooth tip clearance to become smaller and then cause vibration.
2. Caused by kiln bend. It is obvious. During the cold test, the vibration of the kiln is synchronous with the direction of the kiln.The temperature can be increased to open the kiln, and in short time internal vibration will eliminate.
3. Caused by the tooth thickness wear. This is also considered from the fact that the tooth tip clearance becomes smaller. Obviously, after the tooth thickness is worn, it creates another "top" gap. Because the top clearance is resulted from wearing and has a running-in property, the distance between the two gear centers varies slightly, and there will be vibration.
The vibration of the teeth caused by the tooth thickness is difficult to explain with the method of measuring the top clearance of the teeth. The top clearance may be very large at this time, but the vibration is true and feels continuous and rhythmic. The method of judgement is to reverse the kiln, if the vibration is eliminated immediately, it can be identified. When processing, just move the pinion bearings a little outward to increase the center distance.
gear of rotary kiln
With continuous efforts on process optimization on the basis of rich manufacturing experience and advanced equipment, CHAENG is able to offer high quality cast steel girth gears according to users' drawings and requirements. 
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CHAENG adopts special heat treatment technology to optimize structure, improve the hardness and enhance the impact-resistance of girth gear.
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CHAENG uses high-strength steel materials to produce girth gear, and optimizes the structure of girth gear according the drive characteristics of rotary kiln and ball mill,  to ensure the long-term stability of the girth gear.
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