What is the production method for high quality slag pots?
2019-07-18 | Editor:
The slag pot is a necessary equipment used in the metallurgical steelmaking plant. It needs to be cast through dozens of processes, and each process will have an impact on the quality of the slag pot. The mistakes generated by each process are impossible to make the subsequent process. To correct and compensate. Here's how to produce high quality slag pots:
1.Optimized pouring: special treatment requires special treatment. Before casting, CAE will be used to simulate the casting process, and the molding process of the product will be processed and the quality will be tested. The casting process is continuously optimized.
2.CHAENG has an efficient flaw detection professional polishing team, as well as large-scale shot peening equipment, it can effectively improve the appearance quality of the slag pot, so that the surface of the product is smooth and smooth to meet customer needs.
3.The customer's needs have always been our pursuit, so in order to provide customers with better products, in terms of management, CHAENG will require employees to strictly implement the process operation specifications to improve the staff's execution of relevant processes.
The slag pots processed by the CHAENG are all splendid in the domestic and foreign markets, and have also been recognized and praised by domestic and foreign customers. The ultimate reason is because every process is a meticulously crafted and high-quality product of the staff of CHAENG.
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