Process of high-quality slag pots for the metallurgical industry
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high-quality slag pots for the metallurgical industry
The slag pot is necessary for steelmaking production in metallurgical enterprises. It is produced through dozens of processes from metal raw material preparation, batching, smelting, molten metal treatment, to pouring, sand falling, cleaning, heat treatment, and inspection. Every process is relevant to the quality of slag pots.
high-quality slag pots for the metallurgical industry
1. Simulation, modeling, and pouring 
Before pouring, CHAENG uses CAE software to digitally simulate the casting process, and then analyze and inspect the quality of the product forming process.
In order to prevent the occurrence of hot cracks in the castings, we use the pit shape, which will not be affected by the changes of the seasons, and the production efficiency will also be improved. 
2. Pouring and heat treatment
The qualified materials are smelted according to a certain proportion, and then samples are taken for spectral analysis, and the pouring time and temperature are recorded in detail. In addition, after pouring, the riser can be thermally cut in the as-cast state in the pit and cooled outside the pit. Several processes are staggered, and the production cycle is short, which can effectively improve the productivity and the utilization rate of the modeling area.
3. Polishing and flaw detection
The cutting riser and flash are operated by the polishing and finishing team. The large-scale shot peening equipment ensures the appearance quality of the slag pot so that the surface finish can meet the customer's requirements, and more advanced flaw detection equipment will be used to test each slag pots to ensure internal quality
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