Why does the kiln supporting roller bearing heat up
2021-11-18 | Editor:
A rotary kiln is an equipment used for calcination. The temperature in the kiln is high. During operation, the supporting roller bearing bush will generate heat.
kiln support roller assembly
Analysis and the solution on the causes of the heating of the supporting roller bearing:
The heating of the supporting roller bearing of the rotary kiln is mainly related to its poor lubrication state and abnormal load. When signs of fever appear, equipment management personnel must first quickly cool down according to the heating condition to avoid equipment burnout, and stop the machine for maintenance in time, starting with common main factors such as lubrication status and bearing load to find a solution.
An insufficient amount of lubricating oil will increase friction, which will cause heating and heating. Therefore, during maintenance and installation, ensure that the bearing seat is clean and free of impurities; Use special support roller bearing lubricating oil and replace it regularly as required; ensure the integrity of the sealing ring, Prevent oil leakage; use a suitable external circulation cooling device for lubricating oil to prepare for timely cooling when heating; pay attention to standard operations when reopening the kiln.
When the load carried between the supporting roller of the rotary kiln and the bearing is uneven, it will also cause heat generation or tile burning accidents due to incomplete oil film on the contact surface and increased friction. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the equipment is installed in a standard manner and operates normally to prevent the cylinder from being deformed; Adjust the process data and operation plan in time, and strengthen the maintenance and maintenance.
Only by understanding the causes of the bearing heating in detail can we deal with it in time. The normal solution can not only reduce the heating times of the supporting roller bearing of the rotary kiln, but also protect the kiln lining from the influence of temperature fluctuations, and effectively extend the service life of the rotary kiln.
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