Some measures of CHAENG to prevent slag pot defects in casting process
2022-05-07 | Editor:
Various defects sometimes appear in the casting process, so what methods can prevent these defects?
slag pot casting factory CHAENG
The steel casting manufacturer CHAENG has conducted a corresponding analysis on these reasons when producing slag pots:
1. The preheating temperature of the mold is too low, and the liquid metal cools too fast when passing through the gating system.
2. The mold exhaust design is not good, and the gas cannot be discharged smoothly.
3. The paint is not good, its exhaust is not good, and even has volatile gases.
4. There are holes and pits on the surface of the mold cavity. After the liquid metal is injected, the gas in the holes and pits expands rapidly, compressing the liquid metal to form orifices.
5. The surface of the mold cavity is rusted and not cleaned.
6. The raw materials (sand cores) are improperly stored and not preheated before use.
7. Deoxidizer is not good, or improper operation.
Steel casting factories can take these precautions during slag pot casting:
1. The mold should be fully preheated, the particle size of the coating (graphite) should not be too fine, and the air permeability should be good.
2. Use the inclined casting method.
3. Raw materials should be stored in a ventilated and dry place, and should be preheated when used.
4. The temperature change of the gating system should be proper.

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