How to maintain the support roller for kiln
2019-03-26 | Editor:
The running condition of the support roller device directly affects the whole rotary kiln. Therefore, it is very important to check the normal operation of the support roller regularly. What should we pay more attention to when inspecting the supporting roller for kiln?
(1) Whether the oil quality, oil quantity and oil temperature of the lubricating oil of the supporting roller are normal.
(2) Whether the surface of the supporting roller is detached, cracked, and worn unevenly or too fast.
(3) Check if the oil supply system of the roller bearing group is normal. Check whether the oil spoon is loose or falling off, whether the oil drain of the oil tank is unobstructed, and whether the distribution of lubricating oil is uniform, which is very important and effective in preventing the damage of the bearing bush and reducing the occurrence of major accidents.
support roller for kiln
CHAEG owns a large casting base in the north area of Henan Province, and is devoted to providing spare parts support for rotary kiln for years. CHAENG support roller for kiln has the following remarkable advantages:
1. Use high-quality steel material, can carry a large load
CHAENG rotary kiln support roller adopts ZG55, ZG42CrMo steel materials with high tensile strength and good impact toughness, which greatly ensures the quality of support roller. So that CHAENG kiln support roller has the advantages of large load carrying capacity and good continuous operation performance.
2. Simple structure, low maintenance cost
CHAENG rotary kiln support roller is rolling bearing-roller set. The rolling bearing manufacturing precision is high, compared with sliding bearing, it can make rotary kiln rotating more stably, and reduce maintenance cost.
3. Unique process technology to guarantee the hardness
CHAENG uses normalizing and tempering process to greatly ensure the quality of rotary kiln support roller. The outer surface hardness of the support roller is higher than 200HB, and the roller has good temperature resistance, small friction resistance.
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