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2019-07-11 | Editor:
The vertical mill is recognized worldwide for its energy saving, environmental protection and high efficiency. The grinding table is an important part. The grinding table is mainly composed of disc body, lining plate, pressing block, retaining ring, scraping plate, wind ring and air deflector. And other components. The material is milled into a powder between the grinding roller and the grinding table. The grinding table is responsible for the grinding material due to the direct contact with the material, and the quality requirement is relatively high.
Great Wall cast steel grinding table advantages:
1. High quality craft
It adopts No.35 high-quality carbon steel and two 60-ton alkaline arc furnaces for one-time casting to ensure high wear resistance, high hardness, good crack resistance and durability.
2. Unique technology
The unique grinding table design of CHAENG makes it wear low during operation, the service life is increased by more than 2 times, the maintenance amount and replacement amount are significantly reduced, and the maintenance cost of the enterprise is greatly reduced.
3. Testing equipment
Complete testing equipment, ultrasonic flaw detector, multi-purpose magnetic particle flaw detector and other physical and chemical testing facilities to ensure the quality of castings. Before the grinding table are delivered, the testing methods will be carried out through the flow-testing means to ensure that each one is cast from the CHAENG. The quality of the grinding table is reliable, and the defective products and defective products are eliminated.
4. Rich case
Our company has long-term cooperation with more than 2,000 customers in more than 50 countries including Shanghai Baosteel, Sinosteel, Mengdian Group and Mittal.
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