How often does the grinding roller of vertical roller mill change?
2019-08-29 | Editor:
It is well known that the grinding of the material of the vertical roller mill is mainly done by the grinding roller and controls the strength of the finished product. Grinding rollers are very important parts in the vertical roller mill, and they are also relatively easy to wear. In order to ensure the normal operation of the vertical grinding equipment, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance and repair of the grinding rollers in production. How long is it suitable? Look at it.
Since the grinding roller is rotated by the rotation speed to achieve a good grinding effect, the friction received by the grinding roller is very large. As the vertical grinding running time increases, the thickness of the grinding roller becomes smaller as the friction becomes smaller. After the thickness of the roller is less than 10 mm, it will not work properly. At this time, the roller should be replaced.
In theory, the grinding roller generally has a service life of 500 hours, but this number is not a standard. If the material hardness is large, the grinding roller may be used for a shorter period of time. However, under normal circumstances, the use of grinding rollers is less than 500 hours, so Great Wall Machinery recommends that you do regular inspections and routine maintenance work to effectively extend the replacement cycle of the grinding rollers.
CHAENG reminds everyone that the vertical grinding roller replacement cycle is relatively short, which is not conducive to industrial production. Therefore, in the maintenance and repair of the grinding roller, the operator must be serious and rigorous. When selecting the vertical grinding equipment, the company must select well-known manufacturers with strong strength and quality assurance to reduce equipment maintenance problems and extend the service life of the equipment.
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