Design and processing of slag pot process
2019-08-28 | Editor:
The slag pot itself has a characteristic: the contour of the shape is relatively large, and the entire wall has a certain thickness, and there are many plate-shaped vertical ribs distributed around it, which will directly form many hot nodes which are partially dispersed and are not conducive to the feeding. It will produce partial shrinkage or shrinkage holes and cracks directly in the T-shaped area.
The quality requirements of the slag pot produced by the large cast steel mill are that the inner surface must be smooth and smooth, and there must be no unevenness of more than 5 mm. The T-strand connected to the pot is crack-free, and the ears on both sides The shafts must be kept horizontal, and the entire slag pot can not be defective, so the manufacturer will have certain difficulty in processing. It is necessary to select a better processing plan and process parameters according to the structure and quality requirements of the slag pot during casting. If necessary, appropriate measures are needed to ensure the quality of the products.
According to the structure of the slag pot and the solidification, the method of concentrating the shrinking of the nozzle downwards can be used to ensure the order solidification of the whole casting, and there must be a certain means to achieve dimensional accuracy. The advantages of this scheme can be multi-pot or sloping casting shape. The sand bed in the pit is poured in the pit, which makes the casting sand easy, the buoyancy in the middle is small, and can not be flipped during the whole modeling process. And no need to move.
Use a sand box of sufficient rigidity or an appropriate amount of pressure iron to prevent deformation and create a lifting box. After pouring, it is also possible to cut the hot riser in the in-situ pit, and cool the outside of the pit. These processes are staggered, and the production cycle is relatively short, which can effectively improve the productivity and utilization of the molding area.
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