Ball mill trunnion processing manufacturers
2019-08-30 | Editor:
The trunnion is the main component in the ball mill equipment, which is both the inlet channel and the end cover of the ball mill, and carries the rotation of the cylinder. Continuous operation under alternating stress, the wear is relatively large, especially the trunnion at the inlet and outlet ends is prone to breakage and slurry leakage. Therefore, it is important to have sufficient hardness and impact resistance in actual production.
The trunnion is a weak part of the mill body, and it is also a machine that is difficult to control the manufacturing quality. Especially after long-term operation, it will cause different degrees of wear, such as a small amount of material entering the trunnion hole and the spiral barrel at the feeding end. In between, it will cause serious wear of the inner hole of the trunnion. The trunnion of the CHAENG adopts unique heat treatment technology to improve its hardness, enhance the impact resistance, and effectively extend the service life.
CHAENG is a professional manufacturer of large-scale kiln grinding equipment. After nearly 60 years of production history, it has a large casting base in the north of Henan Province. All equipment and accessories are independently produced. In the production of trunnions, it is cast from high-strength steel. In the early stage of casting, the professional engineers also optimized the structure of the trunnion for the operation characteristics of the ball mill, which greatly guaranteed the stability of the part under long-term operation. , extending the life of the components.
Ball mill trunnion breakage, slurry leakage, etc. are relatively easy to encounter problems, but in the many customers of CHAENG, no such problems have been found, which is enough to show that the company's trunnion quality is excellent, stable and reliable. What is important is that CHAENG can customize the processing of various types of trunnions, and the quality is guaranteed. Welcome customers to visit and purchase!
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